Primary Education Deficits!

A national disgrace?

Subject matter experts generally agree that urban America’s primary education system is failing a majority of its current and future students, producing generations of American citizen workers who a not prepared to compete in or against a global workforce.

Decades of operational expense increases, decreased curriculum offers, lowered student expectations and impracticable training & exposures have today created millions of minority, veteran, handicapped and young American citizens who are not prepared to compete with a global workforce that is better trained and oriented with more relevant workplace skills.

Concurrent with this degeneration of our country’s primary education system, American parents have been denied or dissuaded from exercising “choice” in deciding where to matriculate their children.

A4W believes that American citizen students should be given the opportunity to train and compete for highly sophisticated “jobs of the future”, as well as, our perpetual brick & mortar jobs in the construction trades, domestic economics, draftsmanship, et al.

And, where public education can’t meet the needs/requirements of parents & students who require more advanced curricula and environments, Federal, State and local governments should be required to allow those families a “choice” in how the public funds dedicated to them, are spent.

A4W supports public policy that promotes

  • Adherence to “Best Practices”;
  • Improved “Labor Relations”;
  • School & Work collaboration; and
  • Parental “choice” programs.