Americans4Work (A4W) is an American citizen advocacy organization, supporting jobs and employment opportunities specifically for Black & Hispanic American citizens, Veteran & Disabled and young Americans.

We believe these unique, special interests are not fully supported by political parties, elected officials or other advocacy groups. Despite pledges by political parties (e.g. Democratic, Republican, et al), government officials and national advocates for commerce, labor and civil rights (e.g. US Chamber of Commerce, AFL-CIO, NAACP, et al), A4W believes those promises often remained unfulfilled election cycle after cycle.

The Result?

A constant stream of minority, handicapped and young American citizens who become or remain unemployed and/or underemployed, increasing the number of Americans who live in poverty.

A4W’s mission is to articulate, illustrate and advocate for social and public policy changes that can reduce or remove the key challenges that these Americans (our worker communities) face in their efforts to secure meaningful jobs and/or access to job opportunities.

Specific challenges A4W’ worker communities face in obtaining work mandate social and public policy changes in four (4) institutional, social or industrial circumstances; namely

  • Primary & Secondary Education
  • Criminal Justice System Disparities
  • Employer Preferences; and
  • Industrial competition

Americans4Work applauds the current American citizens who’ve built this country into a beacon of hope and economic opportunity for the rest of the world. And, we welcome your help in supporting our citizens.