BLACK AMERICAN WORKERS: The jobless rate for African Americans has been double that of white Americans since the government started tracking data in the 1970s. Roughly one out of every two Black men are caught up in the Criminal Justice system by age 23.

HISPANIC AMERICAN WORKERS: Poverty rates among non-white Hispanics have been 14-16 percentage points higher than non-Hispanic whites since the 1970s. More Hispanic children live in poverty than any other group.

DISABLED AMERICAN WORKERS: Disabled Americans, including returning disabled Veterans are suffering re-employment ills greater than either Black or Hispanic American citizens. The jobless rates for people with disabilities is consistently higher among Blacks and Hispanics than among whites.

YOUNG AMERICAN WORKERS: Young workers, including millennials, experience higher poverty and unemployment rates than their counterparts did 30 years ago. Young, returning veterans have higher unemployment rates than their peers. Job opportunities for teenagers have been drying up for decades yet an alarming number of teenagers are dropping out of school to work for low wages. The recession hit young workers hardest and many of today's graduates are entering into abarista economy.