Primary Education Rehab: A4W supports a full rehabilitation of the nation's public education system to provide current and future students access to the curricula & training necessary to compete in a 21st century global economy. A4W concurrently supports the ability of parents to make individual choices about how their public entitlements to education may be spent.

Criminal Justice Reform A4W supports creation of independent, judicial-branch-funded, bottom-to-top, citizens review organizations, enabling a more transparent public access to police power, prosecutorial discretion, juror biases and Judicial sentencing disparities. “Concurrently, A4W supports judicial-branch funding of independent administrative prosecutorial authorities, empowered to investigate and prosecute Federal, State and Local police who abuse their authority and discriminate against certain defendants via brutality, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, disproportionate sentencing and other abuses.”

Employment Discrimination Law Enforcement: A4W supports stepped-up enforcement of anti-discrimination laws against “protected classes” and the elimination of barriers and inhibitors to employer behaviors & practices that allow disproportionate, preferential, discriminatory and/or illegal recruitment, hiring, training and development of certain classes of American citizens versus others. A4W concurrently supports Federal, State & Local tax incentives for business performances that achieve high retention and advancement of “protected class” employees.

Accelerated support of American business growth: A4W supports all Federal, State & Local initiatives, coordinated or independent, designed to incentivize domestic manufacturing, as well as, the accelerated growth of innovative products & services. A4W supports abolition of minimum wage requirements for key growth industries and businesses in exchange for corporate compensation plans that reward American citizen workers commensurate with the business’ success. Concurrently, A4W supports all public & private initiatives designed to accelerate international export and distribution of American products and services.