Our Mission

Why support citizens?

Because they’ve earned their lives!

They’ve been reared in American communities, educated in American schools and civilized in American culture. They serve in our nation’s defense, work in our nation’s industries, build American families, communities, churches and businesses that share valuable products and solutions with the world.

Today, however, supporting citizens is becoming difficult if not impossible as economic opportunity disappears, incomes are eroded, and the environment and working conditions deteriorate.

In the Black American community for instance, 23% of all workers (over 3.5 million citizens) are unemployed. US born Hispanic Americans are suffering also with 20% of all Hispanic American workers (2.5 million citizens) unemployed. Then, 1 out of every 3 Young Americans (18-29) who couldn’t afford to go to college is unemployed with little hope of finding work.

Several factors foster unemployment in all of these communities, including, but not limited to poor education, criminal justice system disparities, racial diversity challenges and immigration problems.

As an American citizen support center, we work with Americans to help them better support themselves, advocating improvements in all of these areas. Through our network of volunteers and community leaders, we help communities across the United States.

Americans4Work applauds the current American citizens who’ve built this country into a beacon of hope and economic opportunity for the rest of the world. And, we welcome your help in supporting our citizens.