Employment discrimination!

A national shame?

Most Americans believe employers should be able to hire the “best qualified” people to work for their companies as long as those hiring practices don’t discriminate against a person’s characteristics (e.g. race, sex, age, religion, national origin, et al).

These unique and balanced values support the wisdom of American businesses leveraging our best & brightest citizens to innovate and maintain competitiveness as well as, the compassion of Americans to ensure that American citizens aren’t denied jobs based on issues not related to work.

A4W praises these American values but, believes that many American businesses are not committed to ensuring that all American citizens who want to work have the opportunity to work. In contrast, A4W believes that some American businesses have already abandoned many American workers, owing to discriminatory & subjective preferences and economic needs.

A4W decries the disproportionate unemployment of racial minorities, veterans, handicapped and younger American citizens who are out of work and unable to find work as American businesses now appear more interested in building less expensive foreign workforces versus more diverse American citizen workforces.

To address this challenge, A4W favors State & Federal public policy that

  • Prioritizes American citizen workers for all jobs offered in the United States;
  • Inspires American businesses to recruit, train, manage and sustain diverse American citizen workforces;
  • Ensures competitive, livable wages for American workers through transparent wage information; and
  • Provides tax incentives to businesses that retain & advance racial minorities, veterans, handicapped and younger workers.